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OBD II/EOBD Definitions

Power-train Control Module (PCM) – EOBD terminology for the on-board computer that controls engine and drives train.

Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) – Malfunction Indicator Light (Service Engine Soon, Check Engine) is a term used for the light on the instrument panel. It is to alert the driver and/or the repair technician that there is a problem with one or more of vehicle’s systems and may cause emissions to exceed federal standards. If the MIL illuminates with a steady light, it indicates that a problem has been detected and the vehicle should be serviced as soon as possible. Under certain conditions, the dashboard light will blink or flash. This indicates a severe problem and flashing is intended to discourage vehicle operation. The vehicle onboard diagnostic system can not turn the MIL off until necessary repairs are completed or the condition no longer exists.

DTC – Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) that identify which section of the emission control system has malfunctioned.

Enabling Criteria – Also termed Enabling Conditions. They are the vehicle-specific events or conditions that must occur within the engine before the various monitors will set, or run. Some monitors require the vehicle to follow a prescribed “drive cycle” routine as part of the enabling criteria. Drive cycles vary among vehicles and for each monitor in any particular vehicle.

EOBD Drive Cycle – A specific mode of vehicle operation that provides conditions required to set all the readiness monitors applicable to the vehicle to the “ready” condition. The purpose of completing an EOBD drive cycle is to force the vehicle to run its onboard diagnostics. Some form of a drive cycle needs to be performed after DTC’s have been erased from the PCM’s memory or after the battery has been disconnected. Running through a vehicle’s complete drive cycle will “set” the readiness monitors so that future faults can be detected. Drive cycles vary depending on the vehicle and the monitor that needs to be reset. For vehicle specific drive cycle, consult the vehicle’s Owner’s Manual.

Freeze Frame Data – When an emission-related fault occurs, the EOBD system not only sets a code but also records a snapshot of the vehicle operating parameters to help in identifying the problem. This set of values is referred to as Freeze Frame Data and may include important engine parameters such as engine RPM, vehicle speed, air flow, engine load, fuel pressure, fuel trim value, engine coolant temperature, ignition timing advance, or closed loop status.

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The update function of X431 via email

Today,our customer inquiry about update of launch x431. In order to provide best service to our customer, we are glad to focus on this issue and talk more details about the update fuction of X321 via email.
The update function of X431 via email
Actually,the internet update function of x431 can let the user conveniently and quickly download the software from our website for update.At first,you should choose favorite language on the pull-down menu at the upper left of the interface enter the homepage Click “i accept’ button to enter the interface and then enter the dealer code area in the “Dealer administration”.If the filled serial No. or registration No. is invalid, the screen will display the message,then you should return. Click “next step” button and fill your information,you should fill login information and company information.
The update function of X431 via email
Now you should remember after information is filled(After registration,the confidential information will send to you via email ,so make sure that your e-mail is valid),clik “Next step ” and display the interface as screen shown then the registration is completed.

In order to make it more clear,i made a chart.
The update function of X431 via email
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13 tips for your safety of using DS708

When you use maxidas ds708,you should be particular that any problems or support methods encountered do not jeopardize your personal protection. So the basic 15 tips you should obey:

1 Always perform automotive testing in a safe environment.
2 Wear safety eyesight defense that meets ANSI standards.
3 Keep clothing, hair, hands, tools, check equipment, etc. besides all relocating or warm powerplant parts.
4 Operate the auto within a properly ventilated hold out area: Exhaust gases are poisonous.
5 suit the transmission in playground (for automated transmission) or NEUTRAL (for guide transmission) and make specific the parking brake is engaged.
6 Put blocks in top near to the generate wheels and by no shows leave the auto unattended while operating tests.
7 Use severe caution when operating near to the ignition coil, distributor cap, ignition wires and spark plugs. These factors produce hazardous voltages once the powerplant is running.
8 sustain a fire extinguisher appropriate for gasoline/chemical/ electric powered fires nearby.
9 do not connect or disconnect any check items while the ignition is on or even the powerplant is running.
10 sustain the scan product dry, clean, completely free from oil/water or grease. Use a mild detergent over a completely clean cloth to completely  clean the outside near to the scan tool, when necessary.
11 Do not generate the auto and run the scan product on the identical time. Any distractions could possibly final result in an accident.
12 Refer using the support guide using the auto getting serviced and adhere to all diagnostic methods and precautions. Failure to hold out so could final result in non-public injury or otherwise unneeded repair.
13 To prevent damaging the scan product or producing false data, make specific the auto battery is completely charged furthermore to the network using the auto DLC is completely clean and secure.

Note: All these are clarity and helpful tips. Please obey these tips of using our car diagnostic tool. Otherwise,Means you risk bodily harm and /or possible loss of life. We do hope all our customers enjoy happy life.

FAQ about launch X431 calibrate touch screen

Have you face the problem like following situation? Why won’t my machine power up? The screen is too white, I can’t see the display. How do I adjust the contrast? Don’t worry, just calm down.

As we all know,Launch X431 adopts open diagnostic technology, which is the most advanced in the world as well as the future of automotive diagnosis.But do you really know how to work it well? Here let’s focus on how to troubleshoot the calibrate touch screen on launch x431 diagun for our customers.
At first,you should remember that after switchiing on the machine,follow the tips to press the hot key.The calibration interface will be opened.If you followed this step then you should Click the cross cursor on the screen accurately (precisely in the center of the cross), and wait until it changes. The cross-cursor will then move to each of the four corners.After the second step,then you should repeat the process of clicking in the center of each cross-cursor until the process finishes. The screen will then return to the main interface.

Moreover,you should remember do not click the touch screen before the cross cursor appears.This is a basic principle but that tip you must follow.To know more about launch x431 gds,please keep your habit of visiting our website.

AUTEL Intelligent Tech Launches New Products at the InterAuto 2012

AUTEL Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd. has participated in the 2012 PAACE Automechanika, to be held from July 18 to 20, 2012 at the Centro Banamex in Mexico City at booth #2114. AUTEL presented the company’s lineup of automotive diagnostic products offering for Latin American that include MaxiDAS ds708 OBDII & CAN code reader AutoLink series, Special Application Diagnostic tools series, MaxiDiag Elite series, Electrical System Diagnostic tools, and Digital Inspection Videoscopes, etc.
maxidas ds708
AUTEL introduced the new products, OIL LIGHT/ SERVICE RESET TOOL OLS301 and ELECTRONIC BRAKE SERVICE TOOL EBS301 in the PAACE Automechanika. Hundreds of visitors were surrounding the booth and tried out the new products. Our classic and top-sell product  maxidas ds708 was the shining star in the show, which garnered a warm reception in Mexicans.

The 14th edition of PAACE Automechanika Mexico is the most important trade show in Mexico and Central America for the automotive aftermarket. The event included 541 participating exhibitors from 20 countries and 19,763 visits were received from professionals from the automotive aftermarket industry. The visitors represented 34 countries and three continents.

AUTEL Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd. has participated in the InterAuto 2012 at Booth K472, Pavilian 1, which was held on August 28 to 31, 2012 at the Crocus Center in Moscow, Russia. At this exhibition, AUTEL has presented the company’s lineup of automotive diagnostic products, including MaxiDAS DS708, obdII & CAN Code Reader AutoLink series, Special Application Diagnostic Tools series, MaxiDiag Elite series, Electrical System Diagnostic Tools and Digital Inspection Videoscopes. Among all the products, Autel’s Automotive Diagnosis & Analysis System MaxiDAS DS708, the top‐selling product from Autel, was the shining star in the show, which garnered a warm reception.

The InterAuto 2012 had lasted 4 days, during which there were many professional buyers visiting our booth every day and had tried out on Autel’s diagnostic tools. It’s the first time for Autel’s products to be shown in Russia. Nevertheless, many visitors told us that they had already known about Autel’s diagnostic tools and showed great interest in buying Autel’s products at the same time. During the exhibition, many companies from Russia showed the intention to be local distributors.

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